Our People

Meet Our Staff

Bert Tobin, Vice President
Bert TobinBert is Vice President and owner’s representative of the Inn and has been an active board member for more than 25 years. He is married to Nancy Wittman Tobin, whose father, Frank Wittman, was one of the five families that discovered the property in 1955 and built the Inn which opened two years later. Bert’s experience as a construction manager helped lead to the significant upgrading of the property in 2010, including the renovation of a number of the guest rooms.
Bruce Prehal, Managing Director
Bruce PrehalAfter earning his degree from the Conrad Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management, Bruce was an executive at Hilton Hotels across the country – from the Waldorf-Astoria to the Hilton Hawaiian Village. With more than 30 years of hospitality experience, Bruce says, “I still enjoy serving people every day.” Leaving Hawaii for Peekskill, Bruce and his wife Barbara have made themselves an intricate part of the community. Bruce is a recent past President of the Peeskill Rotary and is working hard on a project that will benefit Peekskill.

Cassandra Redd, Asst. Front Desk Manager
Cassandra ReddCassandra is a 12-year member of our team. She knew early on that people were her main interest — no wonder she has a degree in Sociology. A long-time Peekskill resident, Cassandra contributes her time to local organizations, and is a walking encyclopedia of regional info for guests. She always has a smile on her face and “loves being part of the community.”
Barbara Prehal, Accounting Manager
Barbara PrehalWith years of experience in the hospitality business, Barbara is used to wearing many hats, and she juggles all of her duties expertly. Currently she is the Inn’s bookkeeper and comptroller. She’s a welcoming face to guests.. For Barbara, “it’s all about making people happy.”

Tim Joseph, Revenue Auditor
TimJosephTim has been working at the Inn on the Hudson since 2006 and loves to make everyone feel at home. He provides customer service and solutions that exceed guest expectations, while keeping the business strong and healthy. Tim enjoys giving customers, business partners and the community “a WOW experience.”
Teresa Arriaga, Housekeeping Supervisor
TeresaArriagaTeresa has been serving guests at the Inn on the Hudson with a smile for over 16 years. Her attention to detail, warm personality and helpful ways makes everyone’s stay a pleasant experience. She goes above and beyond to serve.